"I am pretty, clever, wealthy, but I can’t find my love. There are not enough good men!"...

“I am pretty, clever, wealthy, but I can’t find my love. There are not enough good men!’

“I am free and independent. I don’t need a man!”

“It took me too long to get established in life, and I don't want to lose my independence!”

“I decided to live alone. Men do not meet my needs and requests anyways.”

“I live with a man, but he is weak. And so I have to solve not only my problems but also his. Why do I need that?!”

“All men are cheaters and none of them are even capable of being loyal - why do I have to break my heart because of another loser?”

“I have to make my man do as I want; If he is with me, then I will get for myself the most out of him”.

This is how the monologue of a woman sounds who considers herself sane and wise.

In reality, these are are one voice of fear arising from the community of lonely, single mothers and women. Some survived divorce, some chose business and career growth, some took same-sex relationships… Are these women happy?

Are these women …free, healthy, and wholesome?

Do these women…truly feel supported?

Are these women…who's souls are singing and who's eyes are shining?

Oh, no.

It is the opposite of the way they really wanted it to be…

The main driving fear for these women - it is a fear of L O V E.

… not the fear of being unloved…

… not the fear of living without Love…

… but the fear of not being able to endure Love…

…To endure Love - one has to deeply welcome Love inside. To do that, a woman has to open up fully and to bare all the many facets of her being, to trust in all the many ways, to become genuinely sensitive, sensual, and to become a Woman who really feels…

Longing for caress and tenderness, passionately in need of her Man - and yet simultaneously fully vulnerable.

And a woman thinks if such openness and vulnerability exist then there is a chance she will have pain, someone may humiliate her, someone can hurt her very essence, the very inner living essence of her being …

And a “strong” woman can not allow this to happen.

And so she takes a sword in her hands.

She distances herself from her true essence and steps away from her feminine weakness into masculine strength.

She can’t understand that the challenges that can come could only come because she’s scared of these challenge